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Our company Stilist which was established as a Turkish Knitwear Manufacturer in 1989 is a family company located in Istanbul. It is now the second generation in charge and very well known among the Turkish Knitwear suppliers as a middle sized company. During all those years, we have gained a reliable and well known place among the Turkish knitwear producers market and Turkish fashion market overall.

We have been exporting ladies knitwear and mens knitwear mostly to European countries such as Denmark, Holland, Germany, France, Sweden since we have been established.
As knitwear suppliers in Turkey and especially being ladies knitwear suppliers, we have obtained quite valuable experiences and we have continuously developed ourselves by several investments we made in knitwear for many years. We have always been a good team with our clients from collection to production stage.

We have a good reputation of making also small quantities with a very high quality and at very reasonable prices among the ladies knitwear companies / knitwear manufacturers in Turkey.

We are working with many different local and import yarn species. From collection to production and quality control, we realize every vitally important steps of production in our own production facility.

We have the experience, possibility and most importantly the desire & appetite for designing and producing sophisticated, trendy and also very commercial models.

Moreover, we have a good team working as a textile agency / textile agent for jersey productions.We are very strong in jersey productions and all our suppliers are very well exprienced exporters and we have known each other for several years. As a responsible Turkish Textile Agency we strictly follow the orders as to be made at high quality at very optimum / competitive prices and to be shipped just on time.