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Technical possibilities:
We have last system Stoll CMS knitting machines in our own knitting department. Gauges have : 3gg, 5gg, 7gg, 10gg , 12gg and 14gg.

Our minimum quantity:
Our minimum quantity is 300 pcs per model (maximum 2 color variants). In case of smaller orders than 300 pcs required, we can still do this with some surcharge which can be discussed per case.

Production Lead Time:
Production lead times -from taking the order to delivering finished product- depending on the model and quantity of course are changing between 7 to 10 weeks in local yarns and 8 to 12 weeks in import yarn.

Production capacity:
Our monthly production capacity is 18.000 pcs per month in high season. In high season, we mihgt cooperate with our confection & knitting sub contractors.
For knitting: We make the design and set all technical details to deliver them and they just knit for us. They have a wide range of Stoll knitting machines same as us.
For confection: We make the cutting in house and give them for stitching. After that, our quality assurance team regularly visit our subcontractors every day as routine controls.
In any case, cutting, steaming, quality control and packing is 100% made in house by our own employees.